Team Building

    •    Team building in English
    •    Team cooking competitions – King or Queen of the Kitchen
    •    Wine and Dinner parties hosted in English
    •    New Zealand and South African BBQ’s
    •    Seminars
    •    Weekend getaways
    •    Hobby days
    •    Cricket Tournaments and picnic lunches
    •    Sporting events
    •    City day trips in English

Fancy a Kiwi barbeque or a braai? Why not bring your team along to enjoy this unique English language and food experience.
Enjoy a meal while practicing your English skills. All of our cooking experiences are in cooperation with Chef JJ de Nier of the JJ de Nier Food Experience.
All of our themes can be fun in a team building seminar format. By this we mean that a few hours can be spent learning important business language skills and the rest of the day having fun in English.
These are all great ideas for team building and vocabulary building all while communicating in English and developing your small talk skills. At the end of the day you will have had a lovely cultural experience and all enjoyed a delicious meal.